From The Owner -

Hello, my name is Riley Kinser and I would like to welcome you to Call Riley, LLC. My business is handyman & repair services, and includes lawn care and services, as well. I would like to take a moment and give you some background information regarding my career prior to launching my current endeavor.

At the age of 20, I joined the Air Force and served 22 years in active duty, Air National Guard, and the Air Reserves. In 2003 I retired from the US Military and went to work as a contractor supporting our troops. I took with me a wealth of knowledge and found that I obtained an even greater measure within this tenure. I supported many aspects of the troops – from fuel support, to construction, to overseeing subcontracts. Upon finishing nearly 10 years of contractor work, I decided to come home and start a business, while applying my abilities by helping homeowners keep their homes in great condition, thus the value consistent and rising.

The reason I have chosen the line of work I now offer comes from many years of various opportunities, with various people, in various places. When I initially joined the Air Force, I quickly learned that my duties afforded me the opportunity to work closely with others in order to get the job done. I was expected to provide the highest level of service possible. Basically, my job was providing fuel, mainly for aircraft, but for other equipment, too. As you can imagine, if I didn’t do my job correctly, airplanes could literally fall out of the sky – not a good thing! During my tenure with the Air Force, the work I performed allowed me to instill within myself a deep commitment to my job and service. But most importantly it afforded me the opportunity to develop a desire to do the job right no matter the given job at hand. All of my adult-life I have made a serious and sincere effort to be the best that I could and as I’ve grown older I continue to strive for that next step up.

This is how I approach my business and the work I perform for my clients through Call Riley. Although each project is different, each project is performed to the best of my ability, and beyond. “Shortcuts” are simply not included in my vocabulary. I make sure that the customer is happy when I leave their home. I have seen work performed by others that were of either a very low standard or, could have been far better had the time been taken. When I leave your home, you will be happy. If you have any level of dissatisfaction, I will ensure that whatever needs to be done to make you happy will be done. The satisfaction of each client of Call Riley is the most important thing. There is no difference in driving away from your home after the job is complete vs. pulling away from a fighter jet after I delivered fuel. Knowing in my heart that an aircraft will not have a fuel-related problem because the job was performed by the book along with the best of my ability is the same level of satisfaction I strive to give my clients of Call Riley. If I build or install something within your home or business, it will remain there, in good shape, for years to come. You have my paramount word!

I want you to be proud of your home and your lawn. I want you to be able to show your friends and family the work Call Riley affords each of their clients. Once you look at the services that have been performed, I want you to know that you have received a great service, utilizing great product, and all at a very fair price. As well, I want you to know that you have someone you can depend on to take care of whatever needs you have in continuing to maintain your home. After all, you spend time in your home, and whether it is just yourself, a family, or entertaining friends and/or associates, I want you to beam with pride of the work performed in order to maintain one of the most valuable investments you will ever make.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Call Riley, LLC, and myself, personally. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the very near future.

With kindest regards,

Riley Kinser
Call Riley, LLC